Do you know what are health benefits of Sun Rays?

Do you know what are health benefits of Sun Rays?
Health Benefits of Sun Rays

The worship of five Gods is important in the eternal religion of India. Aditya (Surya), Gnath (Ganesha), Devi (Durga), Rudra (Shiva) and Keshava (Vishnu). These five deities are worshiped in all work. Among them, Surya is the only God whose vision has been visible. Our life cannot go on without the sun. Physical and mental diseases are prevented by the rays of the sun. The worship of the Sun is mentioned in the scriptures.

The main thing about worshiping the sun is that one should get up before sunrise. After that, after bathing etc., after wearing pure, clean clothes, you should offer arghya to Suryadev. By standing in front of the Sun and giving arghya, the effect of the rays of the sun on the body due to the lag of the stream of water, the germs of the disease are destroyed in the body and the energy of the person's body is transmitted by the sunlight. Power comes from

Arghya is given in two ways. If possible, by standing in the water of the reservoir or river, fill water in an Anjali or copper vessel and take it above your brain and offer water to the rising sun in front of itself. In the second method, arghya can be given from anywhere.

It is not necessary to have a river or a reservoir. In this, take water in a copper lotus, take sandalwood, rice and flowers (if red if it is good otherwise any colored flower) and offer arghya according to the procedure described in the first method. To ensure that the plated water does not come under the feet, keep a plate of copper or bronze.

Apply the water collected in the plate to the forehead, heart and both arms. In case of special trouble, sit in front of the sun and recite 'Aditya Hridaya Stotra' or 'Suryashtak'. If it is not possible to sit in front of the sun, then do this recitation in the house facing east.

According to the astrology consultancy, a healthy person can also avoid the attack of diseases by worshiping the sun.

Surya Namaskar is also associated with Yoga and Naturopathy. The heat and light of the sun brings unprecedented benefits in health and increases intelligence. The methods of Surya Namaskar are mainly Hastapadaasana, Prasaranasana, Dvaipada Prasaranasana, Bhoomarasana, Ashtanga, Pravahitasana and Sarpanasana The procedures of these asanas are done in the Anulom-Antonym order.

Leprosy, eye diseases etc. are overcome by sunlight and sun worship. All kinds of benefits are obtained. That is, man should seek salvation from Lord Janardhana Vishnu. When the Sun is inauspicious, the person with the above zodiac increases their chances of suffering from diseases like fire disease, tidal intelligence, irritation, decay, diarrhea etc.

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