Going Out In Sun On An Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous, Know Why?

Going Out In Sun On An Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous, Know Why?
Going Out In Sun On An Empty Stomach Can Be Dangerous

During the summer, people often get caught in the heat. In such a hot summer, it is better to go out only when necessary. But if you are a working woman, it is almost impossible to avoid the sun. If you are getting out of the circle on an empty stomach in the race for work, then think once again. Because doing so increases the chances of getting heat stroke. Not only this, many other problems can also surround you due to being empty stomach.

what happens when you are on an empty stomach

If skipping breakfast every morning has become your habit, then you need to change this habit. If you stay on an empty stomach for a long time and make it a habit, you may have the problem of gastroparesis.

This is a disorder that occurs when the stomach remains empty for too long. This disorder leads to a variety of symptoms, including nervousness, vomiting, feeling full and bloated, and gradual emptying of the stomach.

Why is it dangerous to go out in the sun on an empty stomach?

1 heat stroke

If you stay on an empty stomach for a long time, you can get heat stroke. In summer, this happens because the body starts dehydrated due to strong sunlight and due to empty stomach, the energy level starts falling rapidly.

The patient's body temperature suddenly rises due to heatstroke. Feeling tired and weak. Breathing starts fast and sometimes even vomiting. The pain persists in the body and the throat also starts drying up.

2 May have low blood pressure

It is common to have low blood pressure in the hot sun, because our body is not able to get enough energy despite eating food. In such a situation, if your stomach remains empty, then the chances of low blood pressure become more. To maintain energy, the level of salt and sugar in the body must be balanced. In such a situation, drinking only water will not work, it is also important to take calories.

3 Fainting and weakness

Carbs play an important role in maintaining energy in us and your body. In such a situation, it is best to consume carbs in the morning. Going out in the heat on an empty stomach can cause weakness and symptoms like fainting can also appear. Fiber and carbs are the best to bring strength and energy to the body.

Avoid going out in the sun on an empty stomach and follow these tips

• Never leave the house on an empty stomach, eat only a little but something

• If you do not understand something in a hurry, then it is best to consume fresh fruits.

• If you have come out of the house empty stomach, then always keep some food in your bag like- dry fruits or chocolate

• Keep a bottle of water with you in summer, maybe even a packet of glucose

• Apart from this, staying on an empty stomach can also increase your weight and can also lead to diabetes.