Get Progress and Success in Business with 7 Feng Shui Tips

Get Progress and Success in Business with 7 Feng Shui Tips
Get Progress and Success in Business with 7 Feng Shui Tips

According to the astrologer, the exterior and interior design of commercial buildings and the objects placed there prove to be decisive in the success and prosperity of the business. Where a building made with the wrong feng shui can drain the hard work you are doing day and night, then a building made in the right harmony of natural energies can prove lucky for you. Let us know from the architect Sanjay Kudi that the principles of Qin Feng Shui should be taken care of for a commercial building.

1- Cash box or place of cash is one of the most important parts in any office. According to Feng Shui, a cash box placed in the right direction helps in running the business in a more profitable position. According to Feng Shui, the cash box placed in the north direction of the office is considered auspicious.

2- In order to prevent negative energies from entering the building, a measure of Bagua mirror has been given in Feng Shui. You can apply it on the exterior of the building.

3- South direction is considered important in Feng Shui for the growth and progress of business. In this direction, if you keep a sculpture of the legendary red colored bird Phoenix, then it will be beneficial in increasing the reputation of your business.

4- You can print the name of your firm or company on a cream or silver color board in the south or west direction of the building.

5- According to astrology consultancy, there should not be any obstruction at the main entrance of the building. This barrier will also cause obstruction in your business.

6- Lofing Buddha at a height of about two and a half feet in front of the main gate is helpful in providing success and prosperity in business.

7- It is important to keep in mind that the seating arrangement of the business owner should be towards the west or south-west direction. Along with this, the chair of the owner should be higher than the other chairs and while sitting, should sit facing towards the north or east direction.

Some things to keep in mind-

1- Do not put a watch that is closed or damaged in your office or business building. Apart from this, also avoid installing a very loud sound clock. East and north direction are considered auspicious for setting the clock.

2- The seating of the occupants or occupants of the business should not be arranged in such a way that there is a big window behind their back while sitting. This will psychologically induce a feeling of insecurity.

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