Bright shining gems of People born in November: Know about your birthstone

Bright shining gems of People born in November: Know about your birthstone
Gemstone of November Born

Every person tries different ways to shine their luck and overcome the obstacles in their life. The people adopts many remedies suggested by astrologers with the help of showing horoscopes and the study of palm lines. One of the most popular of these remedies is to wear auspicious gemstone on the basis of birth. Birthstones represent the month of birth of any native. People wear different gems by incorporating them into ornaments based on the month. This practice of fixing gems with months dates back to the 1800s, some 2000 years ago. It is believed that if a person wears auspicious gemstones according to the month, then he will get more auspicious results than before.

Birthstone of people born in November

Like every month, people born in the month of November are also born with some special personality and luck. Similarly, the gemstone prescribed for them is also special. The zodiac sign for people born in this month is Scorpio, whose lord is Mars. Citrine and topaz (topaz) are two birthstones for the natives of this sign.

Want to know how both the gemstones look!

Citrine- Among the different quartz, citrine is a rare yellow color variety. It is a very big gem. However, in nature they can also be found in transparent to colored variety.

Topaz - Pukhraj is also a very beautiful gem of a yellow color. Its quality is determined by size, color and purity. Topaz is found in almost every color. However, the natives choose the colors of Pukhraj according to their zodiac sign.

Benefits of November Birthstone

Citrine- This gem helps the native to succeed in his efforts. If the person holding it is social then its effectiveness increases further. Wearing this gem gives benefits in making a connection with people. Also, it is helpful in resolving financial issues. At the same time, it is believed that merchants get the benefit of its use only when its ring is worn in a small finger. Surgeons, jewelers, sculptors, stuntmen etc. get help by holding citrine.

Topaz - It is believed that the honor and wealth of the people wearing topaz increases significantly. The students holding it get great success in the field of education. The wearer of this gemstone is interested in religious and social work. Many people wear yellow topaz to avoid obstacles in marriage and loss in business. People who are engaged in religious or spiritual work, that is, spiritual counselors, physicians, priests, they benefit from topaz. In addition, topaz is also useful for those who are engaged in the legal profession.

Health properties of related to these gems

Citrine - Wearing ornaments of citrine normalizes the functioning of high blood pressure and nervous system. This gem is especially effective for improving the mental sadness of the wearer. Apart from this, this gem is also very useful in curing a person's gastrointestinal tract and many other diseases. For more information you can consult world famous astrologer. Apart from this, this gemstone helps in defeating the diseases associated with infection.

Pukhraj- It is believed that wearing Pukhraj relieves problems of chest pain, breathing, throat diseases etc. Along with this, this gem is also considered very useful for relieving diseases like ulcers, arthritis, diarrhea, impotence, TB, heart, knee and joint pain. In case of stomach diseases, weak digestive system and jaundice, this gem can also help a lot.

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