Lucky Gemstone of people born in February- Amethyst

Lucky Gemstone of people born in February- Amethyst
gemstone of february born Amethyst

People born in the month of February are of a slightly spiritual and slightly emotional type by nature. If they talk about their personality, then these people remain cool in their own tune. The people of the month of February do not give much importance to being tied in any relationship. They like peace and are also called dreamers. People born in the month of February are Capricorn and Aquarius. Apart from this, talk about the birthstone of people born in the month of February, their birthstone is amethyst.

How is amethyst?

According to the world-famous astrologer, the birthstone of people born in the month of February is amethyst purple, and purple. It is also called amethyst in English. It is also known as Jamunia or Kathela. It is a purple-colored stone, which falls under the category of semiprecious stones.  

Benefits of wearing amethyst

  1. According to astrology consultancy, Kathela is the only gemstone of Sapphire. That is, wearing it can get rid of the defects of Saturn.
  2. Apart from this, wearing this auspicious gemstone with the right procedure can change the fate and one gets success.
  3. People who have given up before reaching the destination must wear this gem. This gem makes the person diligent towards work and the person understands his moral responsibility.
  4. For those who are going through Saturn's half-century or Shani's Dhaiya or Mahadasha of Saturn, it is very important for them to wear this gemstone.
  5. According to a belief in ancient times, if a person is highly addicted to drugs, then he should drink wine in a cup made of this gem. By doing this, that person's alcohol addiction is eliminated.
  6. In addition, wearing Amethyst encourages and protects the soldiers on the battlefield. According to some other beliefs, this aforementioned keeps a person away from bad thoughts. Wearing this Uparatna to the business people brings the cleverness to run the business.
  7. The person wearing this gem is always respected in society. There is no loss in his reputation. The bearer is saved from sin and hatred.
  8. In Western countries, the demand for amethyst is very high, because the women there believe that their husband will always love them by wearing it.

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