Free online Face Reading Astrology

Free online Face Reading Astrology
Face Reading Astrology

Face Reading Can Reveal Your Future

Honesty, intellect, and dependability are essential characteristics that we all aspire in ourselves and others. Face reading can provide you with crucial information about people right away. Face reading may be practised by studying friends, family members, and coworkers. This face reading allows you to get insight into your own and others' personalities by analysing their facial traits. A face reading section discusses making the best first impression on those around you. Also, how to decipher the genuine nature of others.

For example, autocratic and power-hungry individuals have prominent cheeks devoid of flesh. This is especially true if 'cats eyes' are present. When we encounter someone with these characteristics, we feel a sense of power, control, and dominance, even if most people are unaware. An individual with such prominent cheekbones would need to command their surroundings, including a transaction in the works! In sales and business applications, it is convenient and beneficial. So it's essentially what we'll be looking at in today's talk.

Naturally, only a tiny percentage of people fit into "pure" type classifications, but the dominant form will be apparent in the vast majority of cases. Try out "the face" and see if you can know any personality traits in yourself or others. People have tried to deduce characteristics of a person's personality merely by glancing at their Face for generations. According to the ancient Chinese, Your Face was a representation of your inner essence. In Medieval Europe, beauty was associated with virtue, while ugliness was occasionally associated with evil. There are no claims that this is a precise science, but it may be worth investigating.

How to interpret people's looks

Every Face feature offers a unique tale about your destiny and personality. Don't simply stare at your parts; take note of their size (thin brows, tiny eyes), type (sloped forehead, square Face), and any creases or wrinkles you have. All of these characteristics tell a tale, and this physiognomy blog will go deeper into the science of physiognomy.

Your Face is a reflection of your career and success.

This area is located underneath the Parents region and above the brows. If this position is good, nicely rounded, and brilliant, it indicates a promising career path and an early start. However, if this region is recessed or hollow and black, the person's intelligence will not aid him in his career or disaster between 21 and 25.

Face represents  a window to your life 

Between the brows is the life zone. It represents a successful career beyond 27 years of age if firm, brilliant, and slightly rounded. It depicts a pleasant person and has a good outlook on life. A person earns if the gap between their brows is broad and their brows are thick.

Your Face is a window into your love life.

The area below the two eyes is the Love and Emotional region. If this region is bright, bulgy, and rounded, the person will be intensely emotionally involved. They will wholly fall in love. If this region has wrinkles or is low and rough, the person will have failed love affairs due to selfishness or overindulgence.

Your Face reveals information about your offspring.

The groove that links the nose to the middle of the upper lip is represented by the fertility and children area. Philtrum is another name for this. A long, comprehensive, deep philtrum denotes strong fertility and childbearing potential. It also symbolises a long life. It signifies when the philtrum is low or flat.

Your Face reveals your advanced age.

This is the area below the lower lip, often known as the chin. This region signifies happiness in old life after 60 years if robust, rounded, and roomy. However, if this region is low, with a weak jaw and a black tone, it implies that the person is sad and lonely. It also signifies the perils of drowning, poisoning, and infections transmitted by food or water.

If your Face is oblong

A long, narrow face characterises the wood-shape Face. These individuals may have a muscular or athletic build. They are believed to be sensible, meticulous, and a little overdone. They may have troublesome relationships and are weighed alongside narcissism.

If your Face is triangular

Triangular Facial: These face shapes are generally associated with a slim physique and a strong mind. According to Chinese face readers, they are said to be innovative and to have a fiery temperament.

If your Face is square,

The square Face is also known as the metal face. These individuals are regarded to have a clever, analytical, and decisive mind. In addition, the facial form is connected with a domineering and aggressive personality.

If you have a Rectangular Face, you have a Rectangular Face.

Rectangular Face: indicates some variety: they like to dominate but with less power; they frequently have their way in politics, business, and sports because they are always balanced, sometimes ambitious, and occasionally sad.

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