Vastu Tips to eliminate distance between Husband and Wife Relationship

Vastu Tips to eliminate distance between Husband and Wife Relationship
Vastu Tips to eliminate distance between Husband and Wife Relationship

The bedroom is a very important place in the house. This is even more important for married people. Any defect in the bedroom can create a distance between the husband and wife, so special attention should be paid to this place. Vastu Shastra explains the essential things related to the bedroom. Keeping these things in mind, the relationship between husband and wife can be made sweet and strong. Often we do not pay attention to some things, due to which there is tension between the husband and wife, these things should be improved immediately.

In today's time, most double beds are used, due to which people often use two mattresses, but according to best astrologer, husband and wife should avoid using a two-part bed. The same mattress should be used if possible. Apart from this, it should be kept in mind that there should not be any beam made in the bedroom which divides the room into two parts. If such a beam is made in the room, then remove your bed and place it there.

Vastu Shastra says that never pictures of water related things like aquarium and water flowing with waves should be put in the bedroom. This causes a rift in the husband-wife relationship. Along with this, a place of water such as tanks etc. should not be built above the bedroom.

Vastu says that in the bedroom, the mirror should not be placed just in front of the bed or on the back side of the bed. If you do not have space in your room, then the mirror should be kept covered. Husband and wife should never hang their bed close to the window.

To add love to the wife, a beautiful love birds should be added in the bedroom. The husband and wife should put a happy picture of themselves in the room. Along with this, the bed sheet, cover etc. should be kept of such colors which give peace because the colors also have a great effect. Never use a black sheet on the bed.

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