Do not do these work on Tuesday & Saturday

Do not do these work on Tuesday & Saturday
Do not do these work on Tuesday & Saturday

Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman and Hanuman is also worshiped on Saturday. According to the scriptures, the days of Tuesday and Saturday are considered best for worshiping Bajrang Bali. Therefore, no wrong should be done on these two days of the week, otherwise Hanuman ji gets angry and no god can help you to save from Hanuman ji's wrath. So let's know what should not work on Tuesday and Saturday.

Below mention are the works that you should avoid to do on Tuesday and Saturday, otherwise your life will be ruined.

1. If you do not want Hanuman ji to be particularly angry with you and do not have cruel vision of Shani on you, then you should not establish physical relations on Tuesday and Saturday. Otherwise you will have to face their anger. It is believed that children can also be born eunuchs on this day.

2. Do not buy milk products on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Milk sweets like Barfi, Rabri and Kalakand should not be purchased on Tuesday. Milk has been considered a factor of the moon. Moon and Mars are bitter opponents of each other. Therefore, do not use things made with milk at all on this day.

3. Do not buy any iron items on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Like Saturday, buying iron items on Tuesday is considered very inauspicious. Steel utensils and edged items etc. should not be bought on this day. Nails, hair, etc. should never be cut on Tuesday. Bajrang Bali is annoyed by doing this.

4. It is believed that beauty cosmetics should not be bought on Tuesday. Buying them on Monday and Friday is considered the most auspicious, but buying them on Tuesday is considered inauspicious. On the other hand, especially on Tuesday, black clothes should not be bought, nor should you wear black clothes on this day. On the same day, if you wear red clothes on Tuesday, then the effect of Mangal Dosh is reduced.

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