Common problems of marital life & astrological solutions

Common problems of marital life & astrological solutions
Common problems of marital life & their solutions

The thread of a marriage relationship is very delicate. It takes a lot of effort to handle it. Despite this, some people face problems in their married life, so today we are going to tell you the simplest and surest solution to solve all love problems.

When the husband is unable to match the thoughts of the wife after marriage

  • When husband and wife do not have friendship in zodiac signs then such problem occurs. for more information, you can consult world famous astrologer.
  • Husband's thoughts and wife's thoughts do not match
  • If there is enmity in the planets then there is a debate every day


  • In such a situation, husband and wife should worship Shiva regularly.
  • Should donate white goods every Monday
  • Either put white flowers in the bedroom, or pictures of white flowers

When husband and wife have to live far away after marriage

  • When the condition of Shani or Rahu comes soon after marriage, the husband and wife have to stay far away.
  • Here you have to stay away due to career or job
  • And despite much efforts, husband and wife are not able to live together


  • Husband wife should regularly recite Madhurashtak
  • Mustard oil lamp should be lit under peepal every Saturday
  • Put a joint picture of husband and wife on the north wall in your bedroom

When the family intervenes in the life of husband and wife after marriage

  • Generally, this problem occurs when the moon is bad.
  • Whose moon is bad, the intervention of his family is more
  • Due to Mars, sometimes there is a chance of separation and litigation.


  • Plant lots of flowers in the house
  • Keep your bedroom and kitchen clean and tidy
  • Make adequate arrangement of sunlight in the house
  • Put mango leaves on the main entrance of the house.

When husband is giving health problems to wife after marriage

  • If one of the husband and wife is Mangli, or
  • If the elements of the two zodiac signs are different then this kind of problem arises.
  • This problem occurs even if the wife's Jupiter is bad.


  • Read Sundarkand every Tuesday and Saturday at home
  • Establish Shiva Parvati at the place of worship
  • Wife regularly worshiped basil plant

When there is suspicion in husband and wife after marriage

  • influence of Rahu in married life, or
  • Moon is weak
  • So there is needless suspicion between husband and wife.


  • Recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times in the morning
  • Diet and thoughts
  • Pray that the soul is away from the life of the partner

When husband and wife have experienced violence after marriage

  • If there is the influence of Mars Rahu, Mars Saturn or Mars Sun in the horoscope, then there is violence in the husband and wife.
  • Such defects are most dangerous in Mangli coils.
  • Sometimes the spouse also becomes the victim of a serious accident.


  • get Rudrabhishek together
  • Chant "Namah Shivaya" regularly
  • Use red and black colored clothes sparingly

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