Change Your Future with Colors in the Year 2021

Change Your Future with Colors in the Year 2021
Change Your Future with Colors in the Year 2021

Colors have a huge impact on our lives. The quality and power of each color is different. The color of each planet, the color of every goddess and deities and each object also has its own different color. It is important to understand the importance of colors.

Planetary colors:

1. Sun- Color red and tallow. Tambai ie copper-like. The power of color is the storehouse of fire. This means that she is very energetic and energetic. The qualities are fire, temper, fierceness, prudence, lore and royal bravery.

2. Lunar - Color white and paniyara i.e. watery. The power of color is the master of mental strength, happiness and peace. Qualities cold, calm, loving mother, servant of ancestors, kind and sympathetic.

3. Mars - color red and blood color. Beat the power or give death. Qualities courage, confidence, toughness, war and thoughtful talker.

4. Mercury-colored vegetables green and black. The power to smell and speak as well as brain power. Qualities are friendship, eloquence, amiableness and flattery.

5. Guru- Color yellow and golden, golden. Hakimi, air, spirit and the power to breathe and to get. Properties silent and quiet and mysterious knowledgeable.

6. Venus- Color white and similar. Likes Shakti Pyaar, Lagan, Shanti and Ash. Properties home family and love mood.

7. Shani - Color Black and Black. Power to show power Qualities interested in mystery, seeing, cheering, cunning, foolish, arrogant and effective.

8. Rahu - Color Blue. Shakti, the master of imagination, the power to see or feel the forebears and the invisible. The qualities of thinking strength, fear, enmity, trickster, mccar, lowly and bloodthirsty.

9. Ketu - Color black-white color, that is, both colors together and the colors of the clothes and smoke. Power listening, walking, vigilance and meeting. Quality Theologian, Wage and Officer.


According to astrology consultancy among the above planets, Sun, Guru, Chandra, Venus, Buddha planets are considered most auspicious. Mars is considered a cruel planet. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu planets are considered inauspicious. Therefore, one should use yellow, lunar and white of Venus, green of Mercury and the color of Sun in his life.

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