What are the Causes of delay in Child Birth based on Astrology?

What are the Causes of delay in Child Birth based on Astrology?
Causes of delay in Child Birth based on Astrology

There are several significance of Astrology for the birth of a child. We all know that fifth house in the lal kitab that gives result about the lucky and unlucky results. With the help of this you can analyze what is mixed result that you might receive in your life. Therefore the lal kitaab basically shows your success and the failures through the fifth house. On the other hand it also exhibits the good and the bad omens. Moreover the fifth house tells about the good times of your children as things or the incidents that are related to your children also affect you in several other ways.

What are the causes of delay in child birth?

  • According to the astrology consultancy remedies it is considered that the conjunction of mercury and the venus in lagna or mars and ketu in the kundali matching of marriage or the yearly horoscope that leads to suffering on account of childbirth.
  • Various combinations in the Lal Kitab Kundali such as Mercury and Venus or the presence of Mars and Ketu
  • However if Jupiter is in the seventh house or Jupiter and Venus are both in the seventh house and Moon is in the eighth house then it indicates that the person may not be blessed with children.
  • If the Moon and Venus have vision on each other and an enemy planet such as Rahu, Ketu or Saturn has its vision on both of them then there will be trouble in conceiving children.
  • If in Astrology Kundali either the Moon or Ketu is in the eleventh house then it leads to Grahan Yoga and this indicates childlessness.
  • Lal Kitab says if a house is built on a place which earlier had a well and the well was later closed then this can lead to obstacles in childbirth.
  • As per Lal Kitab if Saturn is situated in the seventh house and Moon is in Lagna house then this may lead to impotency in men.
  • The presence of Venus is Leo sign and Sun in Cancer sign leads to the creation of impotency Yog as per astrology of pregnancy.