Benefits of Neem for Skin & Other Medicinal Properties

Benefits of Neem for Skin & Other Medicinal Properties
Benefits of Neem for Skin & Other Medicinal Properties

Rich in antibiotic elements, neem is known as the supreme medicine. It may be bitter in taste, but its benefits are like nectar. Neem has been used to cure skin diseases. Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Neem is an easy and effective remedy to remove many skin problems. Its medicinal properties deeply cleanse the skin. If you have any problem like acne, acne or pigmentation on your face, then with the help of neem you can get rid of these problems. According to health astrology we are going to tell you about some face packs made from neem which will help in getting rid of acne, acne and blemishes.

Although neem has a cure for all your problems, but let us now know, 10 medicinal properties of neem -

  1. If bitten by poisonous insects like scorpion wasp, grinding neem leaves on the bitten area gives relief, and the poison does not spread.
  2. Applying a paste of neem leaves is beneficial even if there is any kind of wound. Apart from this, applying a paste of neem leaves with olive oil also cures canker.
  3. In case of ringworm or itching problems, grinding neem leaves with curd and applying it is very beneficial. And the problem of ringworm ends.
  4. In the case of kidney stones, taking 2 grams ash of neem leaves with water daily causes the stones to dissolve and pass out through the urethra.
  5. In case of malarial fever, boil neem bark in water and make a decoction of it. Now taking this decoction thrice a day, filling two tablespoons, ends fever and also cures weakness.
  6. In case of skin diseases, using neem oil is beneficial. Mixing a little camphor in neem oil and massaging it on the body cures skin diseases.
  7. Neem stalks have properties to eliminate cough, piles, gonorrhea and stomach worms. Chewing it daily or drinking it after boiling it is beneficial.
  8. Massage of neem oil is very beneficial in case of headache, toothache, extremity pain and chest pain. Its fruit is used as a cough and anthelmintic.
  9. Teeth are strengthened by neem's teeth and the disease of pyorrhoea also ends. After making a decoction of neem leaves and rinsing with it, the teeth and gums remain healthy, and there is no bad odor from the mouth.
  10. Applying neem bark in water is beneficial if there is acne on the face. Apart from this, the germs of skin diseases are also destroyed by applying neem leaves. Mixing camphor in neem oil and applying it on the skin is also beneficial.

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