Know the auspicious time of your marriage from astrology

Know the auspicious time of your marriage from astrology

Know the auspicious time of your marriage from astrology

Marriage is one of the most important events in one's life and it requires the support of various energies for the marriage to take place. If you want, you can also get a kundali matching for marriage done for this. We all are curious to know the time and age to get married. That's why we always get answers to questions like "What is the right time for my marriage", and "At what age will I get married" in Vedic astrology.

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The basis of the answer to these questions is the calculation of Astrology Marriage Muhurta which takes various points into consideration. Marriage prediction time is very possible in Vedic astrology. In fact, the age of marriage in Vedic astrology can also be predicted by taking into account the positions and equations of various planets.
In this post, we help you find out the right time and age for your marriage.

Marriage prediction by Vedic astrology

Here are some points that are important in predicting the age of marriage in Vedic astrology:

Rahu and Venus have a special place in ascendant astrology.

• Being the natural factor of relationship and marriage, Venus ensures marriage if its period is going on.

• If Rahu's dasha is going on in the best marriageable age, then it promises to get married in its dasha or antardasha.

Marriage time astrology by date of birth

We have come up with some astrology predictions and important points regarding marriage astrology based on the date of birth of the native:

The houses to be studied for the prediction of marriage are:

• The seventh house also represents marriage and serious partnership or relationship.
• To predict the time of marriage using the date of birth, the seventh house and seventh lord play an important role in your marriage.
• The eighth house also plays an important role in marriage as it represents stability in marriage and physical relations and common relationship problems.
• The 2nd house represents relatives and family and when a person marries, the association with the family also plays a strong role. and we can say that is almost represent all family problem solution.
• 11th house is important in predicting marriage as it shows social and friend circle, fulfillment of desires

Study the Yogas to predict marriage by date of birth

• The lord of the seventh house, Venus and the planets which make relation with the seventh house should be studied.
• If there is no hindrance from malefic planets in the horoscope, then the possibility of getting married is strong.
• Consider the planets present in the 2nd and 11th house, their cooperation is important for marriage.

Most of the Reasons for delay in marriage

We all are troubled by the delay in marriage. Sometimes marriage does not happen even after everything is fine. The main reason for the delay in the marriage of the native is the presence of Venus or Saturn with the lord of the 7th house. And in such a situation then we run towards a marriage problem solution.

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Astrological Useful Tips

A common problem in marriage

Many marriages face problems due to planetary positions. Sometimes there are inter-caste love marriage problems, compatibility problems between couples, infidelity issues, understanding issues, etc., which also sometimes lead to separation.
You will be glad to know that astrology can save your marriage. because a world-famous astrologer gives you a perfect solution. There are various prayers or mantras to save the marriage from divorce and restore the marital bond. Not only this, there are many simple astrological remedies that can help you save your marriage:

• Chant the mantra of Venus regularly
• Don't wear blue color clothes.
• Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for a happy marriage
• Wear Rudraksha in silver metal

Kundali match for marriage of second marriage

Sometimes the marriages fail but still, there are chances for the natives to get married again. Here are some of the factors which are responsible for getting second marriage:

• Venus – the significator of the wife
• Jupiter - the factor of husband
• Second House or Bhava – to find out the age of the spouse
• Saptamesh or house - to know the suitable law for a wife or husband
• Ninth House or Bhav – Important for second marriage
• Lagna - To know the nature and abilities of the person

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