Astrology Remedies to Get Lost Love Back in Relationship Fast

Astrology Remedies to Get Lost Love Back in Relationship Fast
Astrology Remedies to Get Lost Love Back in Relationship Fast

The most beautiful feeling of life is that of love. But it was not all that simple and clear. The mind is also fickle and with the passage of time disorders also start coming in the mind. The result is that the initial attraction which is very strong, starts fading with time. No matter what the promise is made, no matter how much intimacy has been there, there comes a time when the relationship starts sagging, the distance starts increasing and at times the relationship comes on the verge of breaking up.

Lucky are those people whose relationship becomes permanent and after getting married they live a happy life as husband and wife, but not everyone has such a successful love relationship, the result is that a young man or a girl or both. He is seen trying to re-tie his lost love, the broken thread of love to the lost relationship. This phase proves to last for a few days, some months and in some cases, years.

Horoscope Matching with Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

These types of questions come up many times over the years. Apparently this question is flawed within itself. Kundali matching is a process which is an essential element for arranged marriage. When the bride and the groom do not know each other personally or say that there is no physical and emotional connection between the two, in that case the horoscope matching is done to check the compatibility of both. In most of the cases this Melapak done on the basis of Nakshatra proves to be successful.

Exceptions are there in every theory and one hundred percent Melapak cannot be found, in such a situation, there may be difficulty in married life in spite of Melapak. It is the endeavor of an astrologer to decide the best match among the available options. If a woman and a man already have a physical and emotional relationship, then the process of love marriage has already started, so getting the horoscope matched by an world famous astrologer is theoretically wrong.

Love Marriage Yoga in Kundali with Lover

  • If Venus is in the fifth, seventh, ninth or eleventh house, then the person definitely falls in love.
  • If the fifth house is being destroyed, then the love relationship of the person does not last.
  • If there is Moon in the fifth house, then the person will make more than one relationship.
  • If there is Rahu in the fifth house, then the first relationship of the person will definitely break.
  • If less than 18 qualities are found in the match between the bride and the groom, then there is less chance of love to remain after marriage.

When Love Marriage Is Successful?

  • If the fifth, ninth and eleventh are favorable in the horoscope of both men and women, and the strength of Venus is getting, then both the natives will have a love marriage astrology and even after marriage, if the match is favorable, both the people live a loving relationship. .
  • In astrology, if there are yogas for the completion of any work, then they are called yogakaraka planetary positions. Many times, even after having yogic situations, there are also chances of breaking many factors. That is, yoga is being formed, but due to the position of another planet in any house, the sight of another planet, the conjunction of any other two planets, the karakatva of the yoga gets disturbed. In such a situation, many times the work gets dissolved by becoming half incomplete.
  • These are the reasons for breaking the love relationship. Along with this, conditions also have an important effect. If unfavorable condition is going on, then instead of getting the work done, dissatisfaction is achieved. In such a situation, for a successful love marriage, there should be favorable yogas in the horoscope, there should not be factors that disturb these favorable yogas and the conditions should also be favorable, then only successful love problem solution and love marriage becomes possible.

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