Astrology Remedies to blessed with Children

Astrology Remedies to blessed with Children
Astrology Remedies to blessed with Children

This is the dream of every married couple to play little child Gopal on his lap. A woman is considered complete only when her lap is full. And as far as Hinduism is concerned, here the child is considered to be the image of a real God. Therefore, it is often necessary that children are on time and their health is also good. In today's run-of-the-mill life, no one has enough time to think properly about themselves or their family. Due to careers and jobs, many times all these jobs get delayed a lot. 

In Hindu society, it is believed that child happiness is the greatest happiness in the world. Those who get this happiness i.e. daughter or son easily, they are among the happiest people in the world, but those who are not able to get this happiness due to any reason, they take the grief of this lack in their heart and Just daughter and son adopt many methods and measures to achieve. We are going to tell you here that by adopting the surest measures of childbirth, which will fill your empty bag and you will get child happiness. If you are facing severe issues then you can consult world famous astrologer.

Why deprive children of happiness?

The fifth house of the Kundali represents the progeny and related factors. The fifth house and the fifth house i.e. the fifth house signifies the deeds related to the progeny in your life. Along with this, Jupiter is said to be the main factor for procuring children. Apart from this, the position of the lord of the ninth house is also analyzed in the ascendant horoscope for obtaining children. The fifth horoscope and the fifth house of the horoscope, the fifth horoscope of the horoscope indicate the information related to the child. If Panchamesh, Pancham Bhava, and Guru become the lord of the lagna affected by the defect of the bad planets role for childbirth and then the weekend, then there can be a delay in child happiness.

Ways to get children

  1. People who have Mars and Ketu in their horoscope if they are sitting in an inauspicious house, then seven kinds of fruits, one of which along with jowar and the other seven kinds of water (like Ganga water, house water, pond water, milk Etc.) and wash them under the ground. You will get freedom from defects.
  2. According to astrology consultancy the increase the effect of Panchamesh. If Panchamesh is afflicted in the lagna horoscope, worship him, doing so will reduce its side effects and increase positive effects.
  3. Worshiping the Guru to please Jupiter is a simple way to get children. Because many times the happiness of children is not attained even due to the strength of the teacher. In such a situation, the main factor of getting children, worship the Guru i.e. Jupiter to strengthen and increase its effect. By donating jaggery on Thursday, children also get child happiness. Also, distribute jaggery among the poor on Thursday. To make Guru planet powerful, chant these two mantras.

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