Astrology Remedies for the Infertility & Childlessness

Astrology Remedies for the Infertility & Childlessness
Astrology Remedies for the Infertility & Childlessness

Are you also one of them who is dealing with infertility and childlessness. But using the Vedic astrology you can able to deal with the childless problem. For this reason we also provide the reasons for the childlessness in astrology. It is well known by everyone that the essential aspect of the marital relationship is having an issue together. When couples blessed with the child, it strengthens the bond between the husband and wife as well as it ensures the healthy household.  

According to the astrology consultancy there are several reasons for the childlessness. While the large chunk of the biological and a lot of it also subtly linked with the astrology.

What are the reasons for Childlessness in Astrology?

Below mention are some of the factors that works towards the childless problem of couples suggested by the famous astrologer. The following few factors that can be pointed out as probable reasons:

Lagna Lord: The first house in the birth chart is considered as the happy news house and a weak one can easily result in the childlessness. However the placement of the lagna lord should be proper for ensuring a happy life and childbirth.

Fifth Lord: Most of the couples have the suitable planets as the fifth lord and it can provide the great wealth and happiness. If the ill placed then it will result in the misery. If the rahu is placed in the fifth house on the astrology charts then it can cause the childlessness.

Jupiter with Rahu: As well as if the  Rahu and Jupiter together can cause childlessness. In most of the cases, if the couple already has issues, this can also mean the loss of a child or children. This falls under the ‘curse of snakes’.

How to deal with childlessness in vedic astrology?

We all know that astrology is considered as one of the purest form of the astrology. Below mention are the remedies for childlessness and useful and important to ensure the birth of children. 

  1. Visit temples and get some seva done for having children.
  2. Worship god with faith and all your problems will be solved.
  3. Recite certain adhyaya with faith.
  4. Do brahmana bhojana as per yatha shakti on regular intervals and take their blessings.
  5. Do go-daana (donation of cow to a brahmin).
  6. Donating a serpent made of gold/silver at temple
  7. Each horoscope will require different remedies according to planetary positions.

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