Astrology Remedies for Childless Couples to blessed with Child

Astrology Remedies for Childless Couples to blessed with Child
Astrology Remedies for Childless Couples to blessed with Child

Having a child is considered to be a sign of good fortune. Be it son or daughter. In Indian astrology, some such astrological yogas have been discussed, which become thorns in the path of child birth. Which can be removed with some simple steps. If there is a delay even after taking all the measures on the reasons for the delay in getting a child, then definitely do these eternal measures once, childless couples face husband wife dispute issues.

1- If Mercury and Venus are obstructed in the horoscope, then Shiva's Abhishek (Rudrabhishek) should be done. Rudrabhishek should be done even if the Moon is obstructed. If Dev Guru is a hindrance, then yantras, mantras and medicines should be used. At the same time, if you try the compatibility of the planet Mercury, Jupiter and Navmesh, then soon you will get child happiness.

2- Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of human beings and the worship of Parthiv Linga is always fruitful. By their regular worship, one gets the happiness of getting a worthy child. Get Rudrabhishek done to Lord Shiva with full devotion and observe Pradosh fast. By this remedy also one gets child happiness.

3- Fasting and worship of Mars is also a surefire way to get children. The scriptures have told the law of fasting for 21 months or 21 Tuesdays. Doing which with devotion definitely gives child happiness.

4- While wishing for a child, if the husband and wife, after retiring from bath etc. in the morning, after worshiping Lord Rama and Mata Kaushalya, regularly chant this chaupai, then one rosary of this chaupai is definitely attained.

5- To get the happiness of children, recitation of Shri Ganapati Atharvashish and worship and pray to Ganesh ji from Durva. While reciting this mantra - 'Kandat Kandat Prahoanti Paraushpari Aavano Durve Pratanu Sahasren Shaten Cha.' Pray to Lord Ganapati. O durve! Like you sprout from every pore and spread greatly. In this way our lineage may increase, pray.

6- Om Devakisut Govind Vasudev Jagtapate.

    Tanyam Krishna Tvamaham Sharanam Gatha in the body.

While wishing for a child, one and a half lakh chanting of this mantra should be done by a learned Brahmin and also get the son Gopal Stotra recited. Surely you will get child happiness.

7- Abhilashtak Stotra is also very famous for getting children by consulting world famous astrologer. It was asked to be used with devotion and devotion to Lord Shiva. 11 and 21 lessons should be done daily. According to the scriptures, by reciting it regularly for a year, one definitely gets the happiness of children.

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