Can astrology or planetary movements affect human life?

Can astrology or planetary movements affect human life?
astrology or planetary movements affect human life

Astrology was regarded as a secret knowledge known only to a small group of people. These groups never shared their secret knowledge in ancient times. The concept of astrology was so prevalent that we can also see many monuments which suggest that in the olden day's people use stars and planets to find the right time to re-grow crops.

However, it does not accept all predictions to the scientific community until they find scientific evidence and evidence that explains the reasons behind those predictions. Astrology is a branch that finds a correlation with the movement of planets in the sky and its effects on humans and you can consult world famous astrologer for several remedies.

What do astrologers think that the motion of planets can also affect human life?

It has been proven by science that low tides and high tides are caused by a decrease in the distance of the Moon from the Earth. It does not occur on a full moon or moon day. In coastal areas with high risk of high tides, we can predict floods by accurate calculations. The prediction is so precise and accurate that we can prepare ourselves well in advance of the flooding and reduce the loss of property and life to a great extent.

It is a fact that the motion of planets, especially the Sun, causes weather on Earth. We feel cold in areas with winter weather and engage in activity to keep our bodies warm. Similarly, in the region where the summer season is prevalent, people hide from the heat of scorching sun. Therefore astrologers can also predict economic activities during summer in a particular area which will be closer to reality.

Can astrology or horoscope affect a man's life?

Horoscopes are the best ways to make predictions about mankind using the concept of stars forming patterns in the sky. These stars are also called Nakshatras and represent the 12 zodiac signs. It is said that the date of birth of every person on this earth is determined by the name of his birth or birth.

People look at the zodiac calendar for auspicious events such as weddings and the Lord's Prayer in church and temple. Sometimes we often use zodiac signs to find the ideal match for the couple. Now the question arises whether these horoscopes are correct and provide reliable information about everyone in society.

These points are known as conclusions in the scientific community, and observations are made to determine if the above predictions are correct. If it is found evident in almost all people who are born with the birth sign Aquarius, then they are accepted. But here is the problem. There are no predictions that do not follow the laws of probability. The probability of any event or event occurring is not always accurate. This is because this science does not consider astrological prediction to be true in most cases.