Astrology Measures to Get Success in Life

Astrology Measures to Get Success in Life
Astrology Measures to Get Success in Life

Every person wants to get success in his life. The real test of life begins after completing education, when a person tries to achieve his own position in the age of competition. In this era of tough competition, people are engaged in a race to get ahead of each other, in such a situation, establishing oneself is not less than a challenge. That's why every person works hard, but even after working hard many times, a person does not get his desired results. Sometimes, even after trying a lot, a person has to face failure again and again. If you are also facing repeated failures or obstacles remain in the works then some measures can be taken. It is believed that by doing these measures one can achieve success in life. So let's know the solution.

According to astrology consultancy if there are repeated obstacles in your work, then one should start the work with the worship of Ganesha. If you have to go for some important work then you should chant 'Shri Ganeshaya Mantra'. While going out, first four steps should be taken back and then moving forward should start the work. It is believed that this definitely leads to success in work.

It is believed that sometimes due to evil eye and negativity one has to face failure in life. In this situation, the remedy of black thread can prove to be beneficial. Take a cotton thread of black color and put knots equal to your age in it. Now after applying the juice of basil and banana leaves on the knots of this thread, apply yellow vermilion on it. After placing this thread at the feet of the Lord, tie it on the shoulder of your right hand. After this, it should be tied like this for 21 days. It is believed that it protects from eyesight defects and negative forces.

Worship of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji is considered very fruitful to achieve success in the field. Wrapping Kalava on a coconut, rice, vermilion and flowers etc. should be offered. After this this coconut should be offered to Panchmukhi Hanuman ji. It is believed that this paves the way for success.

On every Tuesday, one should go to a Hanuman temple and have darshan of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji and light a lamp in front of him and recite Chalisa, Shri Ram Raksha Stotra. This solves your problems and happiness and peace remain in the family.

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