Astrological tips to strengthen marital relations

Astrological tips to strengthen marital relations

Astrological tips to strengthen marital relations


As a part of Marital Astrology, which has answers and recommendations for all your questions regarding your marriage, talks in depth about all that you can do to make your married life blissful. Read more to know how you can find the solution to all your marital problems and how you can enjoy a successful married life without any hatred and conflicts.

Marriage is the divine bond between two individuals who take a vow to love and support each other throughout their life. They marry each other with the consent of society, where mutual understanding and respect for each other's identity is essential for the prosperity of marital relations. A native meets his/her partner and finally enters into a lasting commitment to make their marital journey fruitful and give a greater meaning to their relationship. Any carelessness in personal relations by one of the partners can lead to conflicts in the marital relationship which can have a profound effect on one's well-being in the relationship between husband and wife. In such a situation, the holy union of their relationship can be tarnished.

Marriage is a beautiful canvas of relationships where the gems of emotions colored by romance shine with a crown of mutual understanding based on patience and tact. The husband-wife relationship is defined by the influence of the planet Venus for men and Jupiter for women and the strength of the marital relationship revolves around the prosperity of Venus.

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Astrological reasons for contradictions or conflicts in marriage

Marital relations are clearly visible in the horoscope of the husband and wife. While most of you will have a successful marriage by the virtue of a good horoscope, some of you may find difficulty in this arena. Not to worry, there always are measures that can be taken to overcome these issues.

However, note, the following are some of the astrological reasons why a married relationship may not be entirely successful.

•    Manglik Dosha or inflicted Mars in the horoscope of one partner, due to incorrect matching of your horoscopes.

•    Placement of malefic planets posited in houses like the second house of family, seventh house marriage and ascendant.

•    Moon sign Lords of both the husband and wife are inimical to each other due to which there is a wide discrepancy [difference] in personalities.

•    Trust issues between husband and wife where either partner is not loyal in their marriage relationship.

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How to avoid adverse marital relations in favor of deeper bonding:

As mentioned above the reasons why a marriage between two people may not be successful, there are always ways to make them better.

Avoid complaining: Marriage is a very personal but mutual relationship, so do not break the trust of your partner by sharing differences in your married life with others.

Communicate with your partner: Communicating in person with your partner gives you an opportunity to build a greater sense of security and strengthen your personal bond by directly conveying your feelings.

Focus on the interests of your partner: Observe carefully the interests of your spouse who will create opportunities of close proximity and it will be easier for both to forget the bitterness of the past if any.

Apologize if needed: Consciously or unconsciously, you may realize that you have disappointed your partner, make an apology, which will work as a healing balm over your partner’s sore feelings with a quick effect for making your way back into your partner’s heart.

Fulfillment of your promises: Little promise that you make with your partner and the realization of each commitment endows your partner with confidence and a strong base for trust.

Personal Life: Your partner may have some pleasant or bitter delicate events in his/her life which may be very personal. Do not force your partner to share these experiences with you.

Quality time with your partner: Spend some quality time with your partner. These moments will give the feeling of intimacy to share some personal experiences with each other.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness gives positive results. Avoid insulting or reminding the errors of your partner as much as you can.

Space in the relations: Give your partner his/her space for the individuality of personality and relations. Let your partner feel your requirement, necessities and preferences by its own discovery about you.

Enjoy your marital bliss: Difference of opinion on petty issues is very common in married life. You can avoid making them into big ego clashes with your wit and intelligence coordinated with patience.

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Astrological suggestions to strengthen the marriage bond-

•    The couple should visit the holy place [faith] of their faith, especially on Fridays, which represent Venus, the goddess of love, with white flowers, which strengthen the bond of love, affection and trust between the two partners. Will do

•    When the home environment becomes too much of an argument between the husband and wife, one can anticipate the flow of negativity in the marital relationship. In such times, wiping the floor with salt water is beneficial to get rid of the bad atmosphere in the house. Make sure you are using sea salt to clean the floor.

•    If there are frequent disputes and disagreements between you and your partner, avoid wearing and gifting black to your partner.

•    Lighting an oil lamp in the southwest corner of your home can really help in enhancing your troubled marital relationship.

•    Help the disabled or disabled as much as possible, especially on the day of your wedding anniversary.

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Astrology is that branch of science that can help you to maintain the sanctity of married life and it is the best way to deal with conflicts arising in husband-wife relationships through the above-mentioned remedies and suggestions where there mutual conflict. Builds cooperation and respect for each other's individuality. The marriage sector is beautiful and full of satisfaction in all its parameters. Trust and mutual understanding are the keys to a successful married life.