Astrological remedies to improve husband wife relationship

Astrological remedies to improve husband wife relationship

Astrological remedies to improve husband wife relationship

Marriage is a divine bond between husband and wife for a lifetime and hence it is very important. Everyone has some or other dreams related to marriage but it is very common thinking that after marriage everyone has to suffer a lot which is not true at all for everyone. But some couples face common relationship problems in their relationship with time, and some husbands and wives face a lot of challenges to go smoothly together in life due to various reasons.

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Maintaining a bond in a relationship requires effort from both sides and sometimes one becomes weak and the relationship starts falling apart. To rejuvenate the relationship it is necessary to take care of various points so that each and every moment of life can be enjoyed together.

In today's time, estrangement is seen between husband and wife due to excessive expectations, sometimes it calms down with time but sometimes situation becomes complicated and then we have to take the help of astrologers, counselors, etc.

Astrology is a discipline that helps in finding the planetary causes of conflicts in relationships and then taking necessary steps to maintain the bond in the relationship.

How does astrology predict the intimate relationship between husband and wife?

1. If the fourth house of the horoscope of both people is creating auspicious powers, then it helps in making a relationship.

2. If the partnership house i.e. the seventh house is free from malefic planets then it helps in close relations.

3. If Parivartan Yoga is formed between the fifth and seventh house, then it helps in building a good relationship between husband and wife.

4. If the lord of the marriage house is strong and positive in the horoscope then it helps in building healthy relationships.

5. If Venus and Mars are in good position and strength in the birth chart then it also helps in enjoying personal relationships.

6. The effect of a powerful positive Moon on a seventh and fourth house is also helpful in the close relationship between husband and wife.

7. While matching horoscopes, astrologers closely examine every aspect to know whether there will be a close relationship between husband and wife after marriage or not.

So there are many factors that are examined to find intimacy in a relationship.

Success in married life depends on intimacy but it is seen that with time the relationship becomes monotonous and both are busy with their work and lack interest in life, it is not a sign of a healthy relationship. When partners lose interest in each other, they are forced to indulge in extra immoral relations which in the long run become the cause of conflicts and breakups. That's why it is necessary to work continuously to keep the relationship alive.

Let's know some signs of decreasing relationship between husband and wife -

There seems to be a lack of mutual understanding.
The feeling of respect towards each other starts decreasing.
The feeling of sympathy towards each other starts decreasing.
Husband and wife start caring less for each other.
Both start doubting each other.

All of the above are signs of a lack of love in a relationship. If this happens then it is necessary to work on the relationship and rekindle it to enjoy life.

Why does the love between husband and wife start decreasing?

If any inauspicious planet enters Mahadasha or Antardasha then it affects personal and professional life.
Due to the influence of inauspicious planets in the transit horoscope, many times life becomes hell.
Sometimes it is observed that the couple becomes a victim of black magic by evil forces or enemies and the relationship starts deteriorating.
If any inauspicious planet is situated in the fifth, seventh and fourth house and it comes in Mahadasha or Antardasha, then there will be problems in marital relations.

Astrological remedies to improve husband-wife relationship:

If the love is decreasing in the marriage, then first of all get your horoscope shown and know the reason, then it is better to take measures accordingly. Here are some ideas to enhance bonding for everyone.

1. Worship Radha and Krishna together and pray for a life full of love.

2. Worship Lord Shiva and Parvati and chant the following mantra – Om Hree Namah Shivay.

3. At any auspicious time, make a swastika on the door of the bedroom and on the main door of the house with the vermilion of the Hanumanji temple.

4. Specially invite the happy couple for lunch or dinner on Friday and give them gifts.

5. If any inauspicious planet is spoiling the relationship, then talk to an astrologer and do planetary online puja.

6. Mop the floor with salt water, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

7. On an auspicious time, buy a pair of golden swans and install them in your bedroom.

8. Wearing Siddha Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is also a good way to increase the relationship between husband and wife.

9. Sometimes a diamond is also very helpful in increasing love, but before wearing it, take the advice of world famous astrologer.

10. Use flower-designed bed sheets on the bed as per both preferences.

11. Sprinkle camphor in the room before sleeping.

12. If there is a mirror in your room, then cover it with a cloth before sleeping.

13. Do not put any pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the bedroom.

Vedic astrology is the best way to find out the love problem solution, marriage problem solution and then it is possible to find the best solution for the problems. So never hesitate to consult a celebrity astrologer to make life wonderful.

It is essential that both the husband and wife work together to revive the relationship, then undoubtedly life will be again happy, and full of love.

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