Astrological Remedies to Get Marriage at Right Age without any delay

Astrological Remedies to Get Marriage at Right Age without any delay
Astrological Remedies to Get Marriage at Right Age without any delay

There is a belief in astrology that if the position of the planets in the horoscope is not favorable, the marriage is interrupted and the marriage is broken even after being fixed. There are some astrological remedies to overcome this kind of situation. If you take notice, people will be seen implementing some of these measures around you. If you want too, you can try it out.

Worship Hanuman

According to love marriage astrology, marriage is hindered due to Manglik defects in the horoscope. Lord Hanuman should be worshiped on fast on Tuesday to remove any hindrance due to Manglik dosha. Offer laddus made of wheat flour and jaggery to Lord Hanuman. Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji and recite the Balakand of Ramayana.

Secret donation in marriage

The adverse position of Saturn also hinders marriage. To remove the obstacle caused by Saturn, black sesame should be offered on the Shiva Linga every Saturday. On Saturday, donating whole urad, iron, black sesame and soap in black cloth is also beneficial. You can also consult world famous astrologer.

If a girl is getting married, it is also very beneficial to donate a secret according to her ability and reverence in it. This leads to early marriage and happy marital life. But never discuss charity. By making secret donations in the marriage of a girl, the obstacle in marriage due to Shani and Rahu is eliminated.

Eat yellow, wear yellow

In astrology, Guru is considered to be the major factor in marriage. Marriage is delayed if the position of the Guru is not favorable. To make the Guru favorable, one should wear yellow clothes on Thursday, after marriage it also helps to resolve husband wife problem. Donation of gram, banana, turmeric and saffron are beneficial. If possible, you can also fast on Thursday.

Early marriage tricks

It is believed that when someone is getting married in the house, keeping the groom's head on the head makes the marriage of a bachelor boy early. Virgo should hit the bride with her head. The girl whose marriage is facing frequent obstacles, should fill water in a copper vessel at night and place it in front of the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu. Fill the demand with water kept in this vessel and put the vessel back in front of God. In the meantime, if you interrupt, do not say anything. By doing this for one month the marriage totals become stronger. .

Couple worship god

Never worship Shiva, Rama or Krishna alone. This delays the marriage. To avoid delay in marriage, worship the couple statue of Shiva Parvati, Rama Sita or Krishna Radha. The couple you worship. After the puja, fill their demand by taking their steps.

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