Do you know the amazing facts related to Pushya Nakshatra?

Do you know the amazing facts related to Pushya Nakshatra?
amazing facts related to Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra is very auspicious. It is also known as the great shopping moment. Today we are telling you such special things related to Pushya Nakshatra, which very few people know.

Since ancient times, world famous astrologer are making calculations based on 27 constellations. Each of these constellations has a good and inauspicious effect on the life of a human being. Pushya Nakshatra is considered as the eighth place in these order of constellations. According to astrology predictions, any item purchased in Pushya Nakshatra remains useful for a long time and provides auspicious results, as this nakshatra is permanent.

  • Pushya is also called the king of the natrakshas. This Nakshatra together with different Vars of the week creates special yoga. All these have their own special significance. The Pushya Nakshatra which falls on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday is highly auspicious. In the Rigveda it has been called Mangalakta, Vriddhakta and Anand Karta.
  • According to their order in every month of the Hindu calendar, different constellations coincide with the moon. When this sequence is complete it is called a lunar month. In this way, the auspicious yoga of Pushya Nakshatra is made every month. 
  • A story about Nakshatras is also found in our religious texts, according to them, these 27 Nakshatras are 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, son of Lord Brahma, all of whom were married by Daksha Prajapati to the Moon. The coincidence of the moon with various constellations is a symbol of the immovable love of husband and wife. Thus, according to the lunar year, one day in the month Moon coincides with Pushya Nakshatra, auspicious.
  • The God of Pushya Nakshatra is Jupiter who is always the proponent of auspicious deeds, increase knowledge and wisdom and Saturn is the representative of the direction of this nakshatra which is also known as 'Sthawar' which means stability. With this, the work done in this constellation is permanent.
  • Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be highly effective in itself and a companion of human beings. Pushya Nakshatra particularly affects the stomach, ribs and lungs of the body. Pushya Nakshatra makes these organs strong, strong and healthy by being influenced by auspicious planets. When this constellation is under the influence of evil planets, then these organs get sick and weak.
  • According to Hindu calendar, when the full moon coincides with Chitra Nakshatra, then we call that month Chaitra Naam. Similarly, when the full moon coincides with Pushya Nakshatra, that month is known as Paush. In this way Pushya Nakshatra determines one of the 12 months of the year.
  • People born in Pushya Nakshatra are all rich, fortunate and very special. It is beautiful in appearance, healthy, of normal stature and scholar in character, agile, feminine and clever in speech. People born in this nakshatra are popular and follow the rules and achieve success in the fields in minerals, petrol, coal, metals, vessels, mining related works, wells, tubewells, reservoirs, sea travel, beverages etc.
  • According to astrology consultancy, there are many fine stars at the tip of Pushya Nakshatra which are very close to the circle of radiance. Mainly there are three stars of this nakshatra that appear in the sky like the shape of an arrow (arrow). The tip of its arrow appears as a cluster of numerous fine star clusters.
  • Its mathematical expansion in the sky is from 3 zodiac 3 degrees 20 kala to 3 zodiac 16 degrees 40 kala. This constellation is located 18 degrees 9 Kala 56 Vikala north of the equator.

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