8 Remedies to Remove Mangal Dosha after 28 Years of Age

8 Remedies to Remove Mangal Dosha after 28 Years of Age
8 Remedies to Remove Mangal Dosha after 28 Years of Age

When there is Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in any horoscope, then Manglik dosha takes place. This defect is considered inauspicious for marriage. Come, let's know special information in this regard.

1. According to Lal Kitab, there are two types of Mars Mangalbad and Mangalnek. Mangalbad means bad Mars and Mangalnek means good Mars. Bad Mars is bad in a person's life and good is better than good. It is said that a person with a Mangalbad is resentful, stubborn and criminal. A man with a mangle is intelligent, courageous and attains high status.

2. It is believed that Mangal Dosh ends automatically after the age of 28 years. According to astrologers, if there is a lunar in the center, then Mars will not be considered a defect. There are many situations towards Mars avoidance as well.

3. According to astrology, Mangal girl should be married only to Mars boy, but if Mars and Saturn are matched, that is, if Saturn is heavy in the horoscope of the girl, then Mangal Dosh ends. But according to Lal Kitab, Mars and Saturn do not match.

4. According to astrology consultancy, the effect of Mars is in the eyes and blood. Therefore, it is important to do them well. For this, apply white surma to the eyes and always keep the stomach clean. This will also keep the blood clean. If white antimony is not found, apply black antimony. Especially on Tuesday and Saturday, keep Surma. Do this for at least 43 days. By applying antimony, where a person is saved from one's eyes, his eyes also remain healthy.

5. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. Offer Hanumanji Chola once in every three months. Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday and light a lamp or incense. By staying in the shelter of Hanumanji, not only Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu's defects also get eliminated.

6. Quit eating meat. Never eat even if you eat occasionally. Jaggery should be eaten while exiting the house. Eat and feed jaggery. This will clear the blood. If the blood is clean, then the Mangal Dosh will also be eliminated. Take jaggery and chala and offer it to Hanuman ji.

7. According to best astrologer, your brother is small or big, half step or your brother is Mars. If you keep your brother happy then Mars will be right. The enmity with brother means Mars is spoiled. So always take care of your brother. The younger is the one who forgives his mistakes and explains it with love, and if he is older, then do not mess with him.

8. The direction of Mars is west. Plant a neem tree in the south of the house. If you cannot plant a tree, then offer water to the Neem tree on every Tuesday.

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