7 Painful Reasons Why Love Hurts so Much

7 Painful Reasons Why Love Hurts so Much
7 Painful Reasons Why Love Hurts so Much

Everything you see, from watching fairytale cartoons as a child to reading about love in books or witnessing romance in movies or on TV, tells you that love is meant to be flawless and thrilling.

There is no mention of suffering or the necessity to endure discomfort in addition to the emotion. Love is said to be the ultimate conqueror of all that is wrong in the world. Unfortunately, it can utilise its might to knock even the strongest people to their knees.

While love is responsible for some of our most wonderful moments, it can also turn these times gloomy in an instant. So, why is love so painful?In this article  I have come up with 7 Painful Reasons Why Love Hurts so Much. Happy reading.

Why is Love so painful?

Experiencing meaningful connections is similar to going through growing pains. The bad relationships inevitably end in pain, but they also teach you life truths about yourself that you may not want to accept. Still, you'll learn what you need to work on yourself, gain insight into what you want and need in a partner, and get advice on how to deal with future arguments or hard patches. The anguish of love is not in the feeling you had, but in the end and the desire to move on.

It’s sort of a jab to the ego, maybe.

Under normal conditions, love is painful

When you love someone and the two of you confront problems, hard patches, or the relationship isn't exactly a good match, love combines with disappointment, rage, or your ego is hurt by the idea that you can't make it work.

Each of them makes you feel anxious

Furthermore, loss, especially with someone you've grown to love, causes pain regardless of whether the circumstance was not perfect or the couple experienced challenges. There are, in fact, stages that each individual must go through in order to recover from the event.

Leaving something comfortable and familiar in favour of the unknown, without knowing what to expect or even whether there is something else, is frightening.

Love is painful largely because individuals place far too many expectations on the emotion. In many circumstances, it fails to meet that high standard.

Let us take a look at some of the things that might bring sorrow in love.

1. Fear of the unknown

When you love someone so deeply that it aches, there may be anxiety about the future. Many people are concerned about how their relationship will grow or whether their partner's feelings will wane. That anxiety may be excruciating.

2. Love is not always a given

If you love someone so deeply that it aches, and you expect the sentiments to be returned, but your partner is not as excited about the relationship as you want, you will be disappointed.

3: You do not have control

When being in love hurts, it's usually due to a loss of control. You can't guarantee that the other person develops the same sensations at the same rate or with the same "strength" as you do.

Being unable to "push" your partner along might send you plummeting, which can be frightening and unpleasant.

4: Loss is painful

The truth of loss is one of the reasons why love hurts. If the relationship fails and the spouse goes from your life, partners feel responsible for the loss, creating significant pain. Dealing with death is generally more difficult.

5: Dreams are shattered

When you daydream and "dream" about what may be and then a partner decides things aren't working out, your dreams, plans, and aspirations, which most likely include this person, are shattered, leaving you feeling empty, alone, and hurt from love.

7:  Rejection hurts

When considering why love hurts after a breakup, one key reason is because no one likes to be rejected. That is traumatic in and of itself, and it can continue over into subsequent partnerships, influencing their fate.

Is it natural to love someone so much that it hurts you?

It's debatable if it's "emotionally natural" to love someone to the point of suffering. It appears that the emotion would require a negative counterpart to be painful.

Love is pleasant, joyous, and joyful in every scenario when there are no hurdles or difficulties. It does not become painful until issues arise or there is a possibility of a tough patch, a break-up or loss, disappointment, dread of someone leaving, or any other terrible event.


Why does love hurt? is a question we frequently ask ourselves, yet the solutions are elusive. In actuality, if we think about the concept of love and the times when it hurts the most, we'll see that there's usually something terrible going on.


Whether we're at a crossroads in our life and don't have time to devote to a new companion, so we push them away, or we love someone too much and they don't reciprocate, so we walk away. When it's excellent, it can be fantastic. It's only a matter of seeing the bright side.