7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Married Life

7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Married Life
7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Married Life

If the romance in your married life has reduced or the married life has become completely monotonous, then by keeping in mind some Feng Shui tips and things, you can make your married life happy again. Relationships are the most important part of every human being's life. No one can live without a relationship and of all the relationships, the relationship of marriage is the most powerful as well as the most delicate. Feng Shui tips should be adopted in the bedroom to strengthen it and promote the necessary positive energy to lead a happy husband wife life for a long time.

Though every corner of your house is important but bedroom is the most suitable place to build a strong love relationship. The feng shui bedroom maintains a perfect balance of yin and yang energies to bring harmony and vitality to your relationships by eliminating love problem.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

According to Feng Shui, do not keep such things in your bedroom that remind you of your past relationships. Apart from this, do not keep photos of relatives and friends in the bedroom with whom you have bad memories. Apart from this, your room should not be too dark and the room should not look scary and the atmosphere of loneliness should not be felt in the room.

Pair everything in the bedroom

According to Feng Shui Vastu Tips, keep any object inside your room in pairs as much as possible. That is to say, like one thing there must be another thing. For example, if you keep a table on one side of your bed, then keep the table on the other side of the bed as well. If you have placed a bouquet on one side of the television, place a similar bouquet on the other side as well. You can consult our world famous astrologer to deal with issues.

Do not keep mirror and television in the bedroom

If you have placed a mirror right in front of your bed, remove it as soon as possible. According to Feng Shui, by placing a mirror in front of the bed, the reflection of both husband and wife is visible in it and it is a sign that some third person is about to enter between you two who can interfere or turmoil in your life. Can make a difference. Apart from this, if you have kept a TV or radio in your bedroom, then remove it too.

Love increases by keeping red colored things

According to Feng Shui, your home should be dominated by the colors of love, especially your bedroom. The colors pink and red enhance luck in love and marriage. Therefore, your bedroom should be decorated by mixing things of these colors. Most of the people keep the color of their bedroom curtains red or pink. They keep a red colored pillow in the shape of a heart and decorate their bedroom with red colored balloons on special occasions.

Do not keep things containing water in the bedroom

One of the most important feng shui tips for maintaining romance between husband and wife is that one should never keep a vessel full of water in the bedroom. You can keep water covered for drinking but do not keep things like fountain or aquarium in it to decorate the room. According to Feng Shui, this type of water in the room is inauspicious for your life and love.

Greenery At Home

Greenery is actually quite soothing and it is very nice to see it too. According to Feng Shui, if the house is green, then your married life is also happy and green and it is beneficial for both of you. Therefore, keep flowers and green ornamental plants in your bedroom and house.

Husband Wife Photo On Wall

According to Feng Shui, you should put the photo of yourself and your spouse on the wall of the bedroom room so that both of you get positive energy after seeing it. But according to Feng Shui, do not hang any picture in the east, west and south or north corners of the room, but put a picture in any other angle.

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