7 Easy Ways To Make Married Life On Track Faster

7 Easy Ways To Make Married Life On Track Faster
7 Easy Ways To Make MARRIED LIFE ON TRACK Faster

In Indian society where we have to perform all the norms and Customs. The main life in our society is considered as the married life which keeps on moving without any problems if both the partner Spend time conducive to each other requirement. Which many things in our life a predestined we strive hard to keep things on the trap due to some inflection and diversion in thoughts lead to the breakup and about married life According to the Indian notion bonds are made in heaven but the implementation of the healthy marriage life is in the hands of human beings. There are many things which should be considered to keep our married life healthy and nourished with love and care it is the era of the nuclear family both the partner self-dependent and on to fulfill their needs and expose their personality in our society there is no discrimination regarding gender race etc women are also becoming educated and moving with a man with the same pace but still the people of our society have an essence of orthodoxy we expect more from women rather than from men the discrimination still prevails in our society in many forms .factors you should consider keeping your married life happy.

1) giving importance to all family members today we are living in nuclear families with the members are limited but in our Indian society the relationship matters more soap for healthy relation both the partner should respect their family members because family is the backbone of our relationship if this comes to any problem then all the members of the family by their mutual consent solve the problems and show the way of happiness.

2) Commitment - while living in nuclear families still arranged marriages are prominent among Indians because marriage is not seen as two people plunging in love. Marriage is seen as two families assembling, Union of two families and accepting their custom and tradition is the duty of both bride and groom to give regards to all the family members of each other and as a duty and privilege by the bride and groom that will give rise to happiness and prosperity to their families. “Indian wedding illustrates the commitment and devotion which are base for a long-lasting relationship. The short two-minute discussions at the beginning of marriage are not sufficient, with Indian couples who have been in arranged marriages for at least 10 years. The couples express their feelings with each other and convey the shared sentiment that, while they never spent time together previously, they are happy to uphold tradition.  

3) Regard for each other tradition - “Indian marriages” accurately portrays Indian culture and prejudices, The tradition and culture are a true depiction of arranged marriages. In real life, the pairs decided to remain stick to the norms or not   Nonetheless,  still categorize the marriages as arranged because of the dominant familial presence throughout the function of marriage from their inception.    It is true with every generation, the rules changes and traditions are becoming more flexible. Religion plays less role, people get married at any age they can live happily but if they do not respect each other then divorce is becoming very common.

4) Expectation -  For happy marriage life both the partner should not expect more from each other. Both the partners should confine their needs and desire. The contemplating behavior is the basic tool for living happily in their married life. expectations when not fulfilled lead to the reason for conflict. This is the world of materialism people are striving hard to fulfill their desires but it is necessary to give heed to personal relations rather than money.

5)Marriage happiness does not depend on Caste, background, and Religion

We need to stop thinking that someone from our caste, religion, or province is going to be the best option as a spouse. It is not an appropriate notion. We have as many examples of terrible spouses from arranged marriages, cross-cultural marriages are spending good time. It is proven that no culture or religion warrants good husbands and wives. We need to stop assessing people on their backgrounds and evaluate them on this basis.

6)  Flexible nature - Marriage is like a graph of life, it possesses fluctuations sometimes ups and sometimes downs so both should remain flexible by remaining calm and positive in adverse circumstances and should wait for the right time. There's no terrible outcome to loving entirely, with all your heart. You constantly get rewarded by giving love. It's like that wonderful Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet: 'My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love is deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have. For both are infinite.'" 

“A happy relationship is the union of two reasonable forgivers.”

7) Caring disposition -Recognition of the needs of a partner decreases your distances and makes your bond strong ever.

Adoring someone means finding ourselves in others, and the pleasure in the recognition." The marriage truly means: assisting one another in need to achieve the full significance of love, being responsible beings and should not run away from the hurdles of life.".