6 Tips of Vastu to Eliminate Destruction Of Sorrow From House

6 Tips of Vastu to Eliminate Destruction Of Sorrow From House
6 Tips of Vastu to Eliminate Destruction Of Sorrow From House

To bring happiness in your home and relationships, special care should be taken of Vastu. To remove misery and distress in the house, one should definitely pay attention to these measures mentioned in Vastu Shastra.

There should be natural light in the rooms

According to Vastu Shastra, while building a house, keep in mind that natural light (sunlight) must reach every room or at least every bedroom. With this light, there is communication of positivity in the house and in your life. There is no situation of quarrel or estrangement in the house.

Don't Crack The Wall

According to Vastu Shastra, if a crack is visible in any wall in the north direction, then get it repaired immediately. It is believed that these cracks can be inauspicious, not only this, broken walls can also cause family discord and fights. If discord increases in the house, then Tulsi plant should be planted in the north direction of the house.

Take Care Of The Broom

According to world famous astrologer, it is believed that do not keep brooms entangled in the house. Due to this, the women of the family do not get along with each other, there is a quarrel every day. In such a situation, mix ghee and jaggery on a candle and burn it on Sunday, the atmosphere of the family will improve.

Big Deal About The Bed

According to Vastu, one should avoid keeping a bed made of metal in the bedroom. This not only disturbs sleep but also creates tension between life partner. Apart from this, keeping two beds and two separate mattresses in the house should be avoided.

Dining room should be in this direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the dining room in the house should be made in the east, north or south-east direction. It is believed that this keeps the atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.

Do not keep withered flowers in the house

According to Vastu, you must give place to flowers in your house, but especially take care that withered flowers should not be kept in the house at all. This increases negativity in the house and creates conflict in relationships and couples seek for love problem solution.

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