5 Lessons of Mahabharata Will Be Useful During Problem

5 Lessons of Mahabharata Will Be Useful During Problem
5 Lessons of Mahabharata Will Be Useful During Problem

1. Make a master plan: A better strategy in any area of ​​life can make your life successful and if there is no plan or strategy, then understand that life will go into a chaotic future with no guarantee of success. If Lord Krishna had no master plan to save the Pandavas, then the Pandavas had no chance that they would have won from the Kauravas in any case. Therefore, you should also have plans to avoid crisis.

2. Be patient and restrained: Right now you are imprisoned in homes. There is another place in the house where you have to keep restraint among your loved ones, whereas in social media this time, you must have patience, patience and understanding. A promise or a post of yours can get you in trouble. The Mahabharata war would not have happened if some people had kept restraint on their words. For example, if Draupadi did not call Duryodhana 'blind even the son of the blind', Mahabharata would not have happened. Shishupala and Shakuni always used to say stinging things but everyone knows what happened to them.

3. Everyday is precious: The life of a human being is a link between birth and death. This life is very short. You will not know when the days will pass, so you should make full use of each day. You should also do some deeds that are ready for your next life. Do as much work as possible, apart from home and office, do such tasks that your children remember you. Gita gives this message that do such work on everyone which will make your life beautiful.

4. Avoid collecting: Excessive greed makes human life a hell. Do not attempt to take away what is not yours, to take it unconsciously. If not today, tomorrow, he will get his punishment. Lord Shri Krishna says that what is yours today is tomorrow (yesterday), and tomorrow (tomorrow) will be someone else. Therefore, do not indulge in property and things. They will be kept here after your death. If you want to earn, then earn the love and affection of the family, which will always be with you. Collect as much as is needed.

5. Anxiety, fear and unrest are the gateway to death: worrying about any kind, keeping the mind restless and keeping the fear of futile, causes death to hover around. Everyone has to come to death, then what is the concern? Some die first and some later. The main reason for concern is attachment. Jailkhan, Dawakhana or Pagalakhana goes to a person who did not lead a secular or moderate life. Is very ambitious or who has formed a relationship based on money and power or who is concerned about the safety of his property. The only lesson we get from reading Mahabharata is that worry-free life is the greatest wealth. Fear weakens our immune system.

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