5 Bad Habits that leads to Heavy Losses to Life

5 Bad Habits that leads to Heavy Losses to Life
5 Bad Habits that leads to Heavy Losses to Life

Every person wants to achieve success in his life, but many times success is not achieved in spite of tireless efforts and one after the other troubles keep coming in life. You do not understand the reason for the troubles and you remain upset. You do not even know and many of your unintentional bad habits cause Vastu defects in the house. In such a situation, if you want happiness and prosperity in your life, then correct some of your habits.

Avoid Spitting Anywhere

It is seen that many people keep spitting anywhere without caring about anyone. By doing this, there is a danger of infection on the one hand, while on the other hand, according to astrology and Vastu, your fame, honor and your reputation suffer. Due to this habit of yours, the planets Mercury and Sun start giving bad effects. Due to this habit of yours, you may have to suffer mental and financial loss.

Pack Things Up

If you want to avoid the inauspicious effects of Saturn, then remember, never spread shoes and slippers in the house. Saturn is considered to be the karaka of feet, so anything related to feet should be kept in order. Keeping old shoes and slippers in the house creates negative energy, does not take the name of ending the problems of the house. Similarly, due to lying here and there shoes and slippers increase discord in the house and mutual relations get spoiled. In the house where shoes and slippers are lying here and there, there is a bad effect of Saturn.

Harmful germs grow in

Sitting with false utensils for a long time after having a meal or leaving false utensils in the sink in the kitchen at night, both these habits create Vastu defects in your home. Similarly, many people have the habit of washing their hands in the plate itself and leaving the leftover plate there and getting up. This habit is against Vastu and Astrology. Such people have to struggle for success in life and there is no prosperity in their homes, financial crisis remains. Leaving dirty utensils anywhere, using broken utensils or keeping utensils scattered, due to this habit the Moon and Saturn planets in your horoscope get spoiled and give inauspicious results.

Wastage Of Water Is Bad

It is seen a lot that water tanks or taps keep dripping on the roof of many people's homes, yet people do not care. But these people are unaware of the harm they cause. If this happens in your house also, it leads to wastage of water, due to which the Moon will give inauspicious results in your horoscope along with wastage of water. Due to which you will remain in mental trouble and your money will also flow like water in unnecessary expenses.

Such plants will give negative energy

Plants are planted in many houses but they are not taken care of, the plants keep drying up. In Vastu, dry plants are considered a symbol of depression, they become a hindrance in progress. A dry or half-burnt tree around the house is also considered inauspicious on the basis of Vastu Dosha. Due to this, negativity dominates in the house, due to which there are quarrels and mutual disputes in the house. Prickly and milk plants should not be planted in the house. Because thorns generate negative energy. If you have planted plants in the courtyard of your house, then take proper care of them. Watering the plants regularly in the morning and evening keeps the problems related to Sun, Mercury and Moon away.