25 things you should never do to keep a relationship going

25 things you should never do to keep a relationship going

This article is about 25 things you should never do in a relationship. The path of every relationship is not without impediments but for smooth going we have to maintain symmetry in our thoughts and feelings. The Healthy relationship needs the blending of many things, which include love, sacrifice, and best friendship. When the bonding between two is good they can enjoy their living with the sweetness of time but when the bitterness arises in them it leads to the cause of conflict, so to avoid conflict and fight the 25 things we never do in a common relationship are  -

 1) mutual respect- you should treat equally to your partner in all manner by considering these feelings and requirements accordingly for better going long term healthy relationship depends on the fact or do and take respect if you will respect your partner, in turn, he will also respect your feeling and emotion

 2) enjoying the present moment by forgetting the past for healthy relation you should enjoy every moment of life to make it memorable you should not drag the mistakes of past for smooth going enjoying every moment and making the present good is necessary rather than thinking about future and past.

 3) excessive expectation- expectation from. others,  when not fulfilled create tension and uncertainty between both the couple. In the foreign key relationship, we should not expect more from others' expectations when our excess leads to because of conflict and fight.

 4) face a hard time peacefully - In every person's life problems and obstacles come but it is necessary to cope with the problems and wait for the right time to come. For a better relationship, you should not blame each other for the problems and impediments in your life, the blaming never solve the love problem. you should maintain peace and think positively for a healthy relationship.

 5) Disclose everything - for a healthy relationship you should not keep things secretly in your mind and heart. Everything should be disclosed and the communication should be clear. If the secrets disclosed by some other person create misunderstanding and conflict in your relationship, instead of hiding things you should reveal all the secrets for maintaining trust and love in your life.

 6) avoid infidelity- for healthy relations honesty is the best policy. if you are not honest with your partner then you should be frank to express your feeling regarding your partner and your future well-being.

  if you are in a relationship with another person then you should mention to your partner your feelings.

25 things you should never do to keep a relationship going

  7) interference of outer source- sometimes the misunderstanding needs interference of other people to solve the problem which is necessary for a healthy relationship, but including others is not better for future prospection if you need to maintain peace in your relation then you should solve the problem by mutual conversation Instead of including outer sources like friends or any other relative.

8) psychological affliction the disturbance in a relationship leads to the problem of mental and physical health  both the partner disturbs mentally and physically due to the bitterness and their relation  distract we should avoid the causes of the conflict

  9) economic expectations- if you are independent then you can fulfill your desire from your salary and if you depend on your partner for your economic expenditure then sometimes it causes differences between two partners.

10) interference of relatives-  If your matter is disclosed publicly and the decision comes in the hands of relatives then, interference of relatives makes problems in your relationship so the personal matter should not discuss with other family members it can be resolved personally.

 11)  past incidents- sometimes the essence of a past relationship affects the bonding of the present. , the error of fast should not discuss in the present to maintain the balance of normal life.

12) appreciation and gratitude - this is the era of competition where both the partner are mostly working and earning to fulfill their desire and sometimes it becomes difficult to perform all the household affairs so the understanding between two is a basic tool to maintain the relationship if any partner performs any work with full commitment then another partner is to feel gratitude and appreciate him.

13) caring disposition - the balance of bonding depends on feeling for each other if you care for your partner at the time of illness and understand this problem then your relationship will remain healthy forever.

 14) flexible nature - no one in this world is perfect in disposition and appearance we have to change according to the Expectations and feelings of others to avoid the disturbance, we have to manage by becoming flexible in our habits and nature.

15) you should be an active listener and polite speaker -for good relationships and healthy bonding you should also listen to the feelings of others. Comparison

16) over-possessive-  the nature of over sensitivity and possessiveness for other partners leads to the breaking of relationship because assumptions are the termites of relationship.

17) miscommunication there are many things in session to spend life smoothly but some time due to the paucity of time you cannot communicate well and this thing arises problems in your relationship.

18) an introvert and extrovert nature - nature plays the main role in your relationship. If you speak less and suppress your feeling in your heart then sometimes it burst out and leads to a problem in your relationship as on the other side outspoken nature also creates a problem and hurts the feeling of the other person.

19) comparison - for a healthy relationship you should not compare the lifestyle and standard with other people, because the economic earning of every person is different.

 20) Deceiving by lying-Trust is the best weapon for a healthy and good relationship, if you are breaking the trust by speaking a lie then nobody will believe in you.

21) hold the hands of other people for decision - whenever your family matter discuss publicly, the things never remain same in your relationship .when you hold the hands of other people for decision off your family matters then the problem creates in your life, it's better to decide by mutual consent.

22) consoling nature the problem arises in the life of everyone but sometimes Upasana Neet counseling session and sympathy for smooth moving so you should motivate your partner to fight room adverse circumstances rather than blaming him.

23) disagreement and argument - grudging and arguing on certain matters break your heart and feeling, will make you mentally and physically weak. Its better to discuss openly certain matters rather than grudging and arguing.

24) self-contentment-  sometimes you are influenced by the performance of other people and expect the same image in your personal life, the nature of self-contentment and satisfaction is necessary to remain happy with your partner.

25) convincing nature and final thought - the life never remain the same every day the ups and downs break your confidence and belief in each other, you should convince your life partner to remain positive in a hard time.