16 Vastu Measures that everyone should know

16 Vastu Measures that everyone should know
16 Vastu Measures that everyone should know
  1. According to Vastu Shastra, unnecessary water flowing from taps or tanks in homes is not considered auspicious. It is said that in the house where this happens, there is no barkat. And money is spent unnecessarily.
  2. According to Vastu, tap water should always flow towards north-east direction for peace and prosperity in the family.
  3. Never let it be dark above, inside and outside the main gate of the house. If possible, apply a yellow light bulb of yellow light both inside and outside at night time. Due to this, there will be positive energy in the house and the actions of the home owner will not be hindered.
  4. Do not always put your name plate on the door of the house, because due to moving the door, there is no stability in the work of the house owner. Therefore, place the name plate on the wall and make it attractive which will increase your reputation and respect. Also, make sure that there is no dirt or dirt on it.
  5. For positive energy, camphor should be kept in every corner of the house and the camphor should be allowed to dissolve automatically. When the camphor dissolves completely, another piece should be kept. This gives relief from Vastu defects.
  6. According astrology consultancy, it is considered auspicious to place a water tank from the south-west direction on the roof.
  7. Watering the plants every day leads to the attainment of wealth and there remains brotherhood among the family members.
  8. Vastu states that a person should always sleep with head towards south and feet towards north to stay healthy and happy. It is said that in this direction, gold brings wealth, happiness and prosperity.
  9. Colors also have special significance in Vastu. Therefore, never use bright colors inside the house, this has a bad effect on the minds of the people living in the house. If any color is not understood, then get white paint painted. This leads to positive energy flow in the minds of the members living in the house.
  10. According to world famous astrologer it is auspicious to arrange food sitting in the north-east or east direction in the house. It is said that doing so brings happiness and prosperity at home.
  11. Never place heavy goods or items in the center of the house. Always make the middle part empty and light. This will prevent mental stress among the members of the household and will progress in the field of work.
  12. The place of worship at home or office should always be done in the northeast. According to Vastu Shastra, doing so brings happiness and prosperity in the family.
  13. If you want to get rid of your debt, then remove the ladder or toilet built at an igneous angle. On Tuesday, light two lamps with two long lamps between the two doors of your main door and add a little mustard oil and a pinch of black sesame. Burn the chaumukhi lamp in the evening. The path will be opened from all four directions and you will get freedom from debt.
  14. The temple should never be built in the south-west direction. Barkat does not come in the house where this happens.
  15. For stability in business, a picture of a mountain or a building or a picture of 7 horses running should be placed on the south-facing wall.
  16. You can plant Tulsi, Bilva Patra and Amla in the northeast of the house. Transplanting these three plants will eliminate money related problems in the house.