10 Remedies of Lal Kitab to remove all problems from your Life

10 Remedies of Lal Kitab to remove all problems from your Life
10 Remedies of Lal Kitab to remove all problems from your Life

Many times there comes a time when a person is surrounded by problems from all sides and he sees all the ways closed. The bad condition of the planets and constellations can be the reason behind this. In such a situation, some surefire tricks can give great relief. Whether this problem is related to wealth or health. Some such tricks or remedies have been given in Lal Kitab, which are easy and by doing them, there will be a lot of relief in bad days.

Surefire Tricks Of Lal Kitab

Reading Hanuman Chalisa: Reading Hanuman Chalisa regularly will bring positivity and by worshiping Hanuman ji with devotion, the biggest problems are overcome.

Offer Chola to Hanuman ji: By offering Chola to Hanuman ji 5 times, one gets instant relief from troubles. Also, on every Tuesday or Saturday, light a lamp of flour on the leaves of Badha and keep it in Hanumanji's temple. Do this for at least 11 Tuesdays or Saturdays

Coconut oil: After blowing a coconut containing water 21 times on you, go to a deity and burn it. If the health of a family member deteriorates, sprinkling coconut on it will give immediate benefits.

Give food to cow, dog, ant, birds: In the scriptures, it is said to be very good to arrange food and water for tree, ant, bird, cow, dog, crow, disabled people etc. Doing this solves many problems.

Feed balls of flour to fish: Write Ram-Ram in small letters on small pieces of paper. Make small balls of flour and wrap each paper in them and go to the river or pond and feed these pills to fish and turtles. This will be of great benefit.

Feed Chappati to the cow: Feeding roti to the cow removes the financial crisis. If you are not getting the solution then consult world famous astrologer.

Offer water to Tulsi: Take water in a copper vessel and add a little red sandalwood to it. Then keep this lota near your head overnight. First of all, after getting up in the morning, offer that water to the Tulsi plant. By doing this for a few days, the problems will gradually go away.

Donate: On Saturday, put mustard oil and a coin in a bronze bowl and see your shadow in it and give it to the person asking for oil or come to a Shani temple on Saturday with oil with a bowl. By doing this, Shani Dosh will be removed.

Chant: Chanting Rama's name or Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily for 43 days will remove the troubles. During this, stay away from non-veg and alcohol or else you can get into trouble.

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