10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips for Happy Married Life

10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips for Happy Married Life
10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips for Happy Married Life

Here we are providing effective feng shui tips for better love relationships and married life that will surely help you in developing a long-lasting, healthy, full of love and stable married life or relationship with your partner by activating the positive energy.

1. The Southwest direction or corner of your home is considered to be the abode of love, an ideal direction for romance and happy marriage. So keep this area neat, well-lit, and clutter-free. A clutter-free room or place helps to avoid negative energy from accumulating and increases the flow of positive energy.

2. Place some Feng Shui symbols of love like pictures or paintings depicting mountain sceneries, pair of flying geese, Feng Shui symbol of butterflies, Objects in Pairs, etc. in the southwest direction of your bedroom to energize the positive energies of this corner.

3. Place the picture of you and your spouse on bedroom walls to increase the positive vibes for romance and love necessary for a happy marriage. But do not hang any picture or Feng Shui symbol in the exact East, West, South, and North corners of the room as these may introduce third-part affairs.

4. Do not place water-related objects such as pictures of waterfalls, fountains, water beds, etc. as it fills your love life with dead energy so it should be kept away from your bedroom.

5. Try not to place a mirror in your bedroom especially in front of the bed or facing the room door. Mirror facing towards the window can attract negative energies from outside and resolve husband wife disputes.

6. Do not put your bed against the window it should always have a solid wall behind it to ensure the support in life from your lover and deep sleep every night.

7. Do not paint your bedroom with dull and boring colors or the colors which represent the earth and fire elements such as red, brown, yellow, and others to increase passion in your marriage.

8. Choose a solid and strong headboard to get stability in your relationships. If you argue a lot then place three boulders (rocks) together tied them with a red ribbon in a South-westerly direction to increase the stability in your relationship.

9. If your room has attached bathroom than it door should not open in front of the bed and if it not possible than keep the bathroom door always close.

10. It is not advisable to keep the TV in bedroom but if you can't do without a TV in the bedroom than ensure it should be covered with a piece of cloth when it is not being used.

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